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Why visit the Bahamas

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“It’s better in the Bahamas” isn’t just another quote it is an honest description of the beautiful wonder that is the Bahamas. One of the luxuries of living in South Florida is being under 200 miles from the island, or just a two hour cruise away! And while visiting Miami, make it all the more special and plan a getaway within your getaway!


The Bahamas is made up of 700 islands which all offer crystal clear blue waters at pristine temperatures. Not only do you have uninterrupted stretches of white sand beaches, the Bahamas offers its visitors historical tours, nightlife, boating and even private flight tours! While exploring the luxurious island, you’ll be introduced to the finest and most exclusive selection of native foods. If you’re in need of a retreat this is a great place to start! With amenities such as massages, yoga and dermatological spas all of your rejuvenation needs can be fulfilled.


Make it a trip for yourself, with your partner or a whole family affair! The Bahamas has an appeal to meet every person’s interest. Whether you just want to relax and recharge, have an adventure or just create new memories this destination has everything you’re looking for! Treat yourself, and book a two hour cruise to the great island of the Bahamas! With affordable prices you won’t want to pass up this opportunity. There is a ship leaving everyday from the Port of Miami and it’s just waiting to transport you to a new and exciting journey!

Here’s why you should treat yourself with a Bahamas vacation

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Lately is seems like many of us constantly make excuses as to why we should not book that next vacation. You might feel that a trip to paradise would be too expensive, or you lack the time to experience some rest and relaxation. Fortunately, the Miami travel & tourism industry has an answer for us. A one day voyage departing from the port of Miami to the beautiful Bahama Islands make it hard to find any excuse not to go.


News flash: It is 2018 and the United States has dropped to the 14th spot on the “happiest countries in the world” list, and baggage prices along with airline cancellation fees have risen. Maybe there is a correlation between both facts, maybe not, but one thing is true- if you decide to travel by air to the Bahamas be prepared to pay big bucks and be held at the mercy of airline companies seeking to squeeze every dollar from its travelers. Fewer airlines means less competition, which means less deals for the average customer. This is one reason why many travelers and tourist overlook visiting the Bahamas. If you are interested in visiting consider a cruise over an airline and you will be surprised how much money you save on the fair! Currently the average airfare for general flights is $238 in North America. For far less than half that price you can escape to the Bahamas and experience some of the most beautiful beaches all while not having to use up many of those precious vacation days.


No passport? No problem. Three out of every five Americans do not have an active passport. If you fall into the statistic of an American with no passport, I have great news! Traveling to the Bahamas on a cruise requires no passport!


Winter depression? How does an average temperature all year long of 70 degrees sound? The Bahamas got it! On a typical summer day the average temperature hits the mid 80’s and winters rarely having days dipping below the 70’s.


Instead of spending $250 on that new pair of sunglasses, think about all that you can experience by treating yourself to a well-deserved vacation. Astonishing beaches on an island many call paradise is just a short boat ride away.

Bahamas, The Island in the Sun

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Grammy nominated rock band Weezer must have been writing about the Bahamas when they released the track Island in the Sun back in 2001. Fast forward 17 years and the Bahamas for many tourist is still one of the most visited and sought after travel destinations. Whether you are a couple seeking matching tans and Instagram worthy photos together, or a family looking for some scenic lifetime memories, the Bahamas has got you covered. Even if you so happen to be on a time crunch and would like to escape Florida’s crowded beaches, the Bahamas is just 200 miles away.


Unlike most beautiful places which require significant travel time, major pre-travel preparation, and a lofty spending budget, the Bahamas offers great all-inclusive deals! The breathtaking clear blue ocean alone gives you all the reasons to start counting the vacation days you have left to spare. Surprisingly vacationing on Bahamas beaches is affordable and with a short two-hour cruise from Miami to the islands, the Bahamas makes for the perfect “daycation” escape.


With over 100,000 square miles of ocean lined with pink and white sand, the Bahamas can boast and brag saying it offers one of the clearest ocean waters on the planet.  If you are short on time and only have a day to experience its beauty you are in luck, since there is a cruise departing daily from the Port of Miami at 9am and arriving at the island of Bimini by 11am.


Wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins enjoy calling this place home all year around, so if you have ever dreamt of swimming with dolphins, visiting the Bahamas will make your dreams come true! Located just 50 miles east of Miami’s shores this destination gives tourists the opportunity to spend an entire day on a golden sea full of exciting fishing, delicious foods and some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the western hemisphere. Kayak though the water alongside a couple of small bull sharks, stingrays and tropical fish that make Finding Nemo look like child’s play. Bike rentals are also available along with scooters and golf carts that make exploring the island and picking up the most picture perfect seashells along the way a breeze.


Make sure during your visit you make time to try the classic savory conch salad, a Bahamian specialty dish.  A perfect marriage of flavors as the raw conch blends with onions, green peppers and tomatoes, splashed with fresh orange and lime juice. The islands nightlife along with its fresh made drinks are just as vibrant.


Time in paradise can make anyone happy; having the greatest time of your life with people you love most is what life is all about. The Bahamas provides you with the canvas to create your most beautiful memories and bring them to life.  If you are on a budget, short on time or maybe just need a change of scenery from the northern chill, hop on a quick cruise and come get your dose of paradise with this island in the sun called the Bahamas.